Welcome to Digital Poets Society - training events for professionals, creatives and digital adventurers.

Training, inspiration, great food and awesome company.


What we do

Digital Poets Society (DPS) is run by the Australian digital services agency, August. Each DPS session takes participants through a hands-on workshop delving into various facets of the digital world.

From email marketing, design and understanding web analytics, to creating engaging videos and learning about your IP rights, DPS topics are designed to equip attendees with expert knowledge (taught to them by experts with knowledge) to better understand and navigate the digital realm.

Tickets include a gourmet breakfast spread by our partners Blakes Feast, iconic Melbourne coffee by Four Rascals, and inspiring conversation.

Blakesfeast Blakesfeast

Our Partners

We work with a couple of awesome local businesses that keep our Digital Poets nourished and caffeinated.

Blakes Feast was founded by Andrew Blake, one of Melbourne's favourite chefs. Over the past 30 years, Andrew's expertise and creative abilities have earnt him high praise and many industry awards, including a life-time achievement award from The Age Good Food Guide.

Four Rascals

And there's always coffee.

Four Rascals was founded by four mates who came together to create great coffee. They had a workshop, a roaster and a DIY mentality. From there it was all about figuring out how to roast coffee and make it awesome. Four Rascals offers three blends of coffee beans – Little Terror, Rapscallion and Scallywag. All taste delicious and all are made right here in Melbourne.